test History - Manos Bakery Cafe


The Kranias family has been baking European breads, pastries, cookies, cakes and confections for three generations.  Gregory Kranias opened his first bakery in 1922. From the beginning, fine natural products and personal service were always the pinnacle of their success.  Grandfather Gregory grew his own wheat and had it ground in the local grist mill, then baked the bread in wood-burning brick ovens.  Once the day's baking was complete, Grandfather Gregory would place the breads and pastries in baskets and deliver them door-to-door in his donkey-drawn cart.

That tradition continued with his son Yanni until mid-1970.  From 1970 on they modernized the operation, but maintained the tradition of exceptional service and fine quality.  Today the bakeries in Greece are still managed by Yanni, his wife Mary, and sons Gregory and Vasilios as bakers and fine pastry chefs.

Emanuil (Manos), Yanni's second son, emigrated to the US and kept up the family tradition. He opened Sweet Bread Co. in South Tampa, before opening Manos Bakery Cafe in Clearwater. The family tradition continues, with Manos' children working in the bakery after school.